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International Oil & Gas Accounting

Maio 22, 2023 @9:00 am

Christopher Radke
40 horas

Visão Geral

The course provides a comprehensive overview of the methods used in oil and gas accounting. Participants will learn the background to oil and gas accounting, how to record expenditure and revenue, accounting for revenue from oil & gas sales, accounting for production activities.


Train, develop and recycle participants in the main aspects related to the key to international accounting terms, oil & gas accounting, the fundamental principles of financial reporting, analysis of oil & gas company financial statements and others.

Programa de Estudo

MODULE 1: Introduction

  • Overview of course material to be covered
  • Focus primarily on gas accounting
  • Review of comprehensive pipeline transportation tolling model

MODULE 2: Upstream Gas Operations

  • Exploration methods and procedures
  • Acquisition of mineral interests in property
  • Production and sales

MODULE 3: Introduction to Gas Accounting

  • Historical cost accounting methods
  • Successful efforts accounting
  • Full cost accounting

MODULE 4: Non-drilling Exploration Costs – Successful Efforts

  • Geological and Geophysical  (G&G) costs
  • Carrying and retaining costs
  • Test-well contributions
  • Support equipment and facilities costs
  • Offshore and international operations

MODULE 5: Acquisition Costs of Unproven Property – Successful Efforts

  • Purchase in fee
  • Internal costs
  • Options to lease
  • Disposition of capitalized costs
  • Post Balance Sheet Events

MODULE 6: Drilling and Development Costs – Successful Efforts

  • Accounting for drilling and development costs
  • Accounting for suspended well costs
  • Offshore and international operations

MODULE 7: Proved Property Cost Dispositions - Successful Efforts

  • Cost disposition through amortization of costs
  • Depreciation, Depletion and Amortization (DD&A) determinations
  • Cost disposition through abandonment or retirement of proven property
  • Successful efforts impairment

MODULE 8: Full Cost Accounting

  • Disposition of capitalized costs
  • Interest capitalization
  • Limitation on capitalized costs

MODULE 9: Accounting for Production Activities

  • Cost of production versus inventory
  • Lower of cost or market valuation
  • Accumulation and allocation of costs
  • Production cost statements
  • Joint interest operations

MODULE 10: Accounting for Asset Retirement Obligations & Asset Impairment

  • Accounting for asset retirement obligations
  • Accounting for impairment and disposal of long-lived assets

MODULE 11: Accounting for Revenue from Gas Sales

  • Recording gas revenue
  • Timing of revenue recognition
  • Revenue reporting to interest owners

MODULE 12: Joint Interest Accounting

  • Joint operations and related accounting procedures

MODULE 13: Analysis of Gas Company Financial Statements

  • Comparing financial reports
  • Reserve ratios
  • Reserve cost ratios
  • Financial ratios

MODULE 14: Pipeline Gas Transportation Tolling Model

  • Review of proprietary gas transportation tolling model capabilities
  • Need for Pipeline Tolling Model for evaluating pipeline company tolling proposals
  • Ability of tolling model to determine up to 90+ tolls for individual segments with roll up to overall toll
  • Complete set of financial statements for tolling operations/company


  • Financial accountants in the oil and gas industry
  • Management accountants of IOC’s and NOC’s
  • Internal and external auditors of oil and gas companies
  • Budgeting Officers
  • Instrutores Especializados
  • Feedback Imediato
  • Certificado de Conclusão


Líder na oferta de treinamentos e desenvolvimento de competências para a indústria de petróleo, gás e energias renováveis.

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